Training programme consists of theoretical and practical training.
Theoretical training:
  1. Air law;
  2. General information about aircrafts: its construction, devices and etc.;
  3. Flights’ characteristics and planning;
  4. Flights’ procedures;
  5. Manual of an aircraft;
  6. Human’s capabilities to fly;
  7. Meteorology;
  8. Air navigation;
  9. Theory of a flight;
  10. Radio phraseology.
Practical training, 45 hours:

A pilot as a leader of an aircraft is taught: to perform all PPL duties,to get ready for a flight properly, to manage an aircraft, to act correctly in case of emergency.

Students who pass theoretical and practical training exams at Civil aviation administration (CAA), get a private pilot licence. An owner of a licence gets a right to pilot independently or to be a second pilot of aircrafts which are named on a licence.

Price of teaching is 6000 Eur

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